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New Season means New Reshuffle means New Drama. My favorite time of the year!

The following are just speculation, nothing is confirmed not until the team made an official announcement/statement.
We will update this thread for newest update on the changes.

some roster changes by u/madibariddim - UNCONFIRMED

I’m going to update this thread as news comes through / things happen:
1.MidOne, Yapzor, Puppey, Zai new Secret
2.SneyKing kicked from VGJ. Storm
3.Current Optic Gaming roster disbands
4.VGJ. Storm roster (Minus Sneyking) picked up by Optic Gaming
5.Universe -> Optic Gaming
6.Ace is no longer with Team Secret
7.Abed is no longer with Fnatic
8.w33 is no longer with Pain Gaming
9.Team Liquid draft not changing
10.EG draft not changing
11.Mineski disband
12.Newbee disband

1. MidOne is staying

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#1 RESHUFFLE: DRAMA: ROSTER CHANGE on Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:04 pm



Posts : 278
Midone is staying with team secret! [CONFIRMED NON OTHER THAN HIMSELF]


#2 Re: RESHUFFLE: DRAMA: ROSTER CHANGE on Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:26 pm



Posts : 278


[✔️] and bolded denotes officially confirmed changes.

[✔️] denotes correct rumors.

[X] denotes incorrect rumors.

Rumors are rumors and should be taken as such.

Date&TeamOfficial [✔️] or Rumored ChangesSource
10SEPDuster is not locked to a team this season but will continue to stream, improve, and captain new talents. He is currently playing with WClick in open qualifiers.Duster's Twitter [R]
10SEPKeen Gaming[✔️] ROSTER: sss, 翟景凯 , old eLeVeN, kaka, darkKeen Gaming weibo
09SEPMr Game Boy[✔️] ROSTER: Jiajia, Ferrari_430, awen, eve, XiNewbee's Twitter [R]
09SEPTeam Aster[✔️] ROSTER: Sylar, Dstones, Xxs, Boboka, Fenrir. This is BurNing's team.Wykrhm's Twitter
09SEPFnaticFnatic may consist of Abed, MP, Iceiceice, Dj, and Jabz.u/Thrower322644 and u/iamcyn
09SEPMineski[✔️] ROSTER: Jt- (March), Moon, Kpii, Febby, Mushi, Clairvoyance (coach)Mineski Twitter
09SEPMineski[✔️] Mineski may consist of Kpii, Moon, March (from GeekFam), Febby, and Mushi.
09SEPCIS and SEA FaceIt Open Qualifer Teamsu/cloverdota has helped me verify and add a bunch of notable CIS and SEA OQ teams. Please check the Officially Confirmed Rosters table.
09SEPDeToNator[✔️] ROSTER: Xcalibur, Benhur, RR, Pablo, WinteRFaceIt Open Qualifiers
09SEPHAPPYGUYS[✔️] ROSTER: syndereN, AfrOmoush, Buugi, kzar, IllidanStrFaceIt Open Qualifiers
09SEPInfamous Young[✔️] ROSTER: Liangy, Robo-Z, Oscar, Michael-, YadomiInfamous Young Facebook
09SEPTeam AsterBurNing's new team is likely to be called Team Aster. Notable followers of the account include Dstones, Sylar, BurNing, Xxs, Boboka, and fenrir.infZzz's weibo, Team Aster weibo [R]
09SEPOGN0tail explains why OG is not going to the KL Major.N0tail's Twitch [R]
09SEPOdium[✔️] ROSTER: V-Tune, GeneRaL, Ghostik, Lil, SlayerOdium Twitter [R]
09SEPYolo Knight[✔️] ROSTER: hector, libra, Madkingz, radek, MasterRiskMasterRisk's Twitter
09SEPTeam MangoBay[✔️] ROSTER: Fey, garter, bOne7, qupe, FlashFey's Twitter [R]
09SEPViCi Gaming[✔️] ROSTER: Paparazi, Ori, Yang, Fade, DyViCi Gaming Facebook [R]
09SEPDeathBringer Gaming[✔️] ROSTER: LaNm, HYM, freeze, Ms, GuvarasJophy's Twitter
09SEPNewbee[✔️] ROSTER: Moogy, Sccc, Inflame, CatYou, FaithNewbee weibo [R]
09SEPClutch Gamers[✔️] Clutch Gamers add SsaSpartan to their roster.Clutch Gamers Facebook
08SEPVendettaGG[✔️] ROSTER: Sammyboy, Gunnar, Jenkins, RobotVice, SoNiC, Loomdum (coach)RobotVice's Twitter
08SEPMiLAN's Team[✔️] ROSTER: Moo, bryle, Forev, milan, March. Region unknown.MiLAN's Twitter [R]
08SEPXcalibur says that he is on a SEA team. Cannot reveal name yet.Xcalibur's Twitch
08SEPSsaSpartan is considering moving to SEA because he cannot find a team in EU.SsaSpartan's Twitter
08SEPClutch Gamers[✔️] ROSTER: KyXy, Skylark, NikoBaby. Last 2 players will be announced shortly.Clutch Gamers Facebook
08SEPGodBlessMali says that he is 99% sure Dendi doesn't end up in SEA.GodBlessMali's Twitter
08SEPEmpire's manager, Dmitri Belov, says that Dendi has a 99% chance of going to SEA.Belov's VK [R]
08SEPTeam Lotac[✔️] ROSTER: Raven, Chyuan, Ohaiyo, Eyyou, YamatehOhaiyo's Facebook [R]
08SEPTeam Spirit[✔️] ROSTER: oliver, Nine, HesteJoe, Biver, fngTeam Spirit Twitter
08SEPTigers[✔️] ROSTER: Ahjit, inYourdreaM, Moonmeander, Xepher, 1437Tigers Facebook [R]
08SEPOhaiyo says he will have good news by tomorrow.Ohaiyo's Facebook
07SEPTeam Team[✔️] ROSTER: Costabile, Ryoya, brax, Newsham, ixmike88BlueOceanz's Twitter
07SEPInfamous Gaming[✔️] ROSTER: Timado, Papita, Wisper, Matthew, MoOzInfamous Facebook
07SEPKingrd's team[✔️] ROSTER: hFn, w33, tavo, Kingrd, MiSeRy. Duster replaced.Kingrd's Twitter [R]
07SEPpaiN Gaming[✔️] paiN Gaming parts ways with its roster.Kingrd's Twitter [R]
07SEPTeam Liquidmadibariddim says nothing is happening with Liquid and that they are locked.u/madibariddim
07SEPImmortals[✔️] Immortals has opted to not extend its roster's contracts.Official Immortals [R]
07SEPTigers[✔️] Tigers roster may consist of Ahjit, inYourdreaM, Moonmeander, Xepher, and 1437.u/ilhamakbarpramana_, u/lgdamefan
07SEPcompLexity GamingcompLexity has supposedly added EE, Sneyking, and Skemberlu to its roster.Esports Heaven article [R]
07SEPTeam Spirit[✔️] ROSTER: Nine, oliver (Skiter), Hestejoe, Biver, Fngv1lat's Twitter, Registered
07SEPNewbee[✔️] Kaka has left Newbee.Kaka's weibo [R]
07SEPTeam Secretmadibariddim lists Nisha (1) and Zai (3) as new additions to Team Secret.u/madibariddim
07SEPNa'Vi[✔️] ROSTER: Crystallize, MagicaL, Blizzy, Chuvash, SoNNeikO, Mag (coach)Na'vi Official [R]
07SEPNewbee[✔️] Kpii has left Newbee.Kpii's Twitter [R]
06SEPSterling Global Dragons[✔️] ROSTER: Mcy, Nasjo, Luciano, Ranpo, JaunuelSGD Facebook
06SEPMineski[✔️] Mineski's lineup may consist of Mushi, Moon, K, F, and one more.u/iamcyn
06SEPSG e-sports[✔️] SG e-sports releases their Dota 2 roster.SG Facebook
06SEPTeam SecretTeam Secret will announce their roster on the 11th of September.Secret Twitter [R]
06SEPBurden United[✔️] ROSTER: Ark, mastermind, pwN, UnderShock, ComeWithMepwN's Twitter
06SEPTimado is considering (1) an offer from SA, (2) an offer to join a newly formed EU stack, or (3) staying in Infamous.Timado's Facebook [R]
06SEP[~] BSJ and newsham supposedly out of their original stack. Only BSJ.Reddit
06SEPVega Squadron[✔️] ROSTER: Palantimos, StormC4t, Flow, W_Zayac, yolOfficial Vega Squadron
06SEPThe Final Tribe[✔️] ROSTER: Frost, Chessie, Jonassomfan, Handsken, EraTFT Twitter
06SEPAllianceiNSaNiA confirms that Alliance is still the same 5 man roster.iNSaNiA's Twitch
06SEPTeam Empire[✔️] ROSTER: Cooman, Chappie, Miposhka, sayuw, MadenOfficial Empire [R]
06SEPTNC Tigers[✔️] TNC Tigers will set down the "TNC" name and be under a new organization called Static Dream. Will still keep the "Tigers" name.Tigers Facebook
06SEPMineski[✔️] Mineski announces the departure of Iceiceice, Jabz, and ninjaboogie.Mineski Facebook
06SEPNeon Atomic[✔️] ROSTER: Syeonix, Kim Elizabeth, Yamaguchi, LuziFy, SUGONeon Esports Facebook
06SEPNeon Esports[✔️] ROSTER: Skadilicious, Marc, Rappy, PlayHard, FLYSOLONeon Esports Facebook
06SEPTNC Pro Team[✔️] ROSTER: Gabbi, Armel, Kuku, Tims, ninjaboogieTNC Facebook
06SEPTeam DKBoboka may have left IG and joined DK.Jophy's Twitter
05SEPTeam SecretNisha and Zai are rumored to complete Secret's roster.u/Raiden-
05SEPFerrari_430 and Hao will supposedly play together next season.GodBlessMali's Twitter
05SEPJack says "a high profile Chinese core is considering playing outside of China".KBBQ's Twitter
05SEPVirtus.pro[✔️] Virtus.pro parts ways with ArtStyle.Official VP [R]
05SEPPPD's new team[✔️] ROSTER: Ace, Fata, 33, Saksa, PPDPPD's Twitter [R]
05SEPOptic Gaming[✔️] Optic Gaming releases their roster.Optic Gaming's Twitter
05SEPEntity Gaming[✔️] ROSTER: Deth, Castaway, Velo, Noia, JobeeEZyscantzor's Twitter [R]
05SEP[✔️] SamH takes a short break from competitive Dota 2.SamH's Facebook
05SEPTNC Pro Team[✔️] TNC Pro Team parts ways with Raven and SamH. Kuku, Tims, and Armel to stay.TNC Facebook
04SEPTwo former IG veterans are rumored to return to the same team that is not IG.weibo
04SEP[✔️] lgdamefan says PPD's new team will have Ace and Fata.u/lgdamefan
04SEPpaiN Gaminglgdamefan says w33 and MISERY will stay in paiN Gaming.u/lgdamefan
04SEPKheZu does not believe and has not heard from a reliable source that Pajkatt is joining Secret. Says things may have changed though so he is not sure.KheZu's Twitch
03SEPLvT's ex-manager, Rafi, says to not read too much into the CCnC screenshot as players can be dropped after a scrim.u/RafiDota
03SEP[✔️] Optic may have disbanded. CCNC's team may consist of CCnC, ritsu, 4dr, Liposa, and FLee. [~] BSJ's team may consist of BSJ, ixmike88, Brax, Newsham, and Ryoya. BSJ not in team anymore.CCnC's Stream [R]
03SEP[✔️] Dendi is not retiring from Dota and is looking for a team.Dendi's Twitter [R]
03SEPOdiumOdium is currently testing out 4 different players.Odium's Twitter
03SEPBraxstone[✔️] Braxstone welcomes VanN as their new coach.Braxstone's Facebook
03SEPOdium[✔️] CemaTheSlayer joins Odium as position 5.Odium's Instagram
03SEPOdium[✔️] GeneRaL joins Odium as position 2.Odium's Instagram [R]
03SEPTeam SecretMoonmeander says Zai will join Secret.Moonmeander's Twitch [R]
02SEPOptic Gaming[✔️] lgdamefan says Optic Gaming "disband[ed]".u/lgdamefan
02SEPTeam Secretlgdamefan says "everybody knows [the Secret roster] already".u/lgdamefan
02SEP[✔️] eL lisasH states that he is trying to make a team in CIS and doesn't want to move out from EU this year because he does not want to live in a gaming house after living in one for the last year.eL lisasH's Facebook
02SEPKorb3n says that Zai and Pajkatt may go to Secret, Vega will play in the new season without Cema, Empire is building around miposhka. Also puts a disclaimer that everything is changing, so don't take these as facts.Korb3n's VK [R]
02SEPOdium[✔️] Ghostik joins Odium.Odium's Twitter
02SEPOdium[✔️] Lil's new team will be called Odium.Lil's Instagram
01SEPTeam Spirit[X] Team Spirit's roster may be Oliver, fn, Hestejoe, Biver, and fng.ALOHADANCE's stream
01SEPFnatic[✔️] Fnatic announces the departure of EE, UNiVeRsE, PieLieDie, and Aui_2000.Fnatic's Twitter
01SEPNa'Vi[✔️] Na'Vi's CEO, Yevhen Zolotarov, announces Crystallize, MagicaL, Blizzy, and SoNNeikO as the new roster. Pos 4 still TBD. Dendi may or may not continue playing.Na'Vi's Youtube [R]
31AUGEE says that his team is complete and not up to him when it can be released.EE's Twitter
31AUGcompLexity GamingcoL roster may be Skemberlu, Limmp, EE, Sneyking, Zfreek.u/madibariddim
31AUGcompLexity GamingEE may join compLexity, but PPD and EE may not be teaming up.u/madibariddim
31AUGEE may be playing with Skemberlu.u/SeaNostra
31AUG[~] SamH may either retire or join Execration. Taking a short break.u/SeaNostra
31AUGTeam SecretRaven or Nisha may join Team Secret.u/SeaNostra, Part 2
31AUGTeam EmpireTeam Empire's Twitter teases a possible new team with ALOHADANCE and GeneRal.Team Empire's Twitter
31AUGA Chinese esports club may venture into Dota 2.GodBlessMali's Twitter
31AUGBlinkPool[✔️] KheZu reveals that BlinkPool disbanded after they failed to qualify for TI8.Esports Heaven article
31AUGWind and RainWaR and its roster have parted ways. Ex-WaR are looking for a new organization.Forev's Twitter
31AUGTNC Pro Team[✔️] Armel's father teases "GAKTN" as the new TNC roster.Facebook comment
30AUGThunder Predator[✔️] Thunder Predator replaces Frank with Sword. Atun, Jeimari, Scofield, and Prada stay.Thunder Predator's Facebook
30AUGWinstrike Team[✔️] Winstrike announces that they will keep their roster.Winstrike's Instagram
30AUGEHOMEJophy teases that "xiao8's ehome roster looks strong". (xiao8 is already currently the coach for EHOME.)Jophy's Twitter
30AUGcompLexitycompLexity's new roster will potentially be revealed in 1-2 weeks.Beef's Twitter
30AUGcompLexity[✔️] Moonmeander has parted ways with compLexity.Moonmeander's Twitter
29AUGFnaticNew Fnatic may be Abed, Moon MP, Iceiceice, Dj, and Jabz.u/SeaNostra (Update), u/Lebron_Caguioa
29AUGTNC Pro[✔️] New TNC may be Gabby, Armel, Kuku, Tims, and Ninjaboogie.u/SeaNostra, u/Lebron_Caguioa
29AUGImmortalsDubu may have parted ways with Immortals.Dubu's Twitter
29AUGElements Pro Gaming[✔️] Elements Pro Gaming will keep their roster.LeBron's Twitter
29AUGcompLexity Gaming[✔️] Moo has parted ways with compLexity and is now looking for a team.Moo's Twitter
29AUGWinstrike Team[✔️] Winstrike's Coach, Sh4dowehhh, states that Winstrike will not be making any changes.Sh4dowehhh's Twitch [R]
29AUGResolut1on's Team[✔️] ROSTER: Resolut1on_, YawaR, UNiVeRsE, MSS, SVG, Aui_2000 (Coach). SneyKing replaced.Resolut1on's Twitter, Part 2
29AUGThe Final Tribe[✔️] The Final Tribe has parted ways with Pablo.TFT's Twitter
28AUGMiBRFLee may be playing under MiBR.FLee's Twitter
28AUGEvil Geniuses[✔️] Sumail states that EG will stay the same.Sumail's Twitch [R]
28AUGBSJ has a team of non-TI players and will try to compete at NADCL. Roster undisclosed and not finalized yet.BSJ's Twitch
28AUG[✔️] GeneRaL's new team will be announced in a few days.GeneRaL's VK [R]
28AUGTeam Envy (NV)Team Envy's Hastr0 is considering signing a Dota 2 team.hastr0's Twitter
28AUGFerrari_430 may be considering playing competitively again.GodBlessMali's Twitter
28AUGPSG.LGD[✔️] PSG.LGD will not be making any roster changes.GodBlessMali's Twitter
27AUGHao may be hinting at a potential comeback.Hao's Weibo
27AUGNewbee[✔️] Newbee has confirmed that they will not disband. ("Not disband" most likely only means that the organization will not drop Dota 2.)Newbee's Weibo, GodBlessMali's Twitter [R]
27AUGSG e-sports[✔️] Stan King has a new job and is taking a break from Dota.StanKing's Twitter
27AUGcompLexity[✔️] Adam and compLexity have parted ways.Adam's Twitter
27AUGTeam DKBurNing may be playing in Team DK despite previous rumor.Chalice/BurNing [R]
27AUGTeam DKTeam DK may be reformed to consist of Sylar, SCCC, Xxs, LaNm, and Q.Master 8's Tieba [R]
27AUGTeam Serenity[X] Team Serenity may rebuild their roster with Moogy, Zyd, XinQ, Pyw, and XCJ.Master 8's Tieba [R]
27AUGEHOMEEHOME may rebuild their roster with Monet, 狼哥, 天命, BoBoKa, and Kaka.Master 8's Tieba [R]
27AUGVici GamingYang, Fade, and rOtk may replace eLeveN, LaNm, and Fenrir in Vici Gaming. Paparazi灬 and Ori will stay.Master 8's Tieba [R]
27AUGPSG.LGD[✔️] PSG.LGD will most likely not make any changes.Master 8's Tieba [R]
27AUGEE's teamKpii is supposedly looking to play with EE.Master 8's Tieba [R]
27AUGNew EE/PPD team[X] EE and PPD may form a new team together.u/madibariddim
27AUGpaiN Gaming[~] paiN Gaming may have disbanded. Team and roster parted, but roster did not disband.u/madibariddim
27AUGOGOG will most likely not make any changes.u/madibariddim
27AUGNewbeeKpii wants to move out of China according to rumors.u/madibariddim
27AUGNew NA team[X] Abed, CCnC, and 33 may form a new team together.u/madibariddim
27AUGTeam Secret[✔️] MidOne is officially staying with Team Secret.MidOne's Twitter
26AUGNewbee[X] Newbee may have disbanded.u/madibariddim
26AUGMineski[X] Mineski may have disbanded.u/madibariddim
26AUGEvil GeniusesEG are likely to stay together.u/madibariddim
26AUGTeam LiquidTeam Liquid are likely to stay together.u/madibariddim
26AUGpaiN Gaming[~] w33 and paiN gaming may have parted ways. Technically true.u/madibariddim
26AUGFnatic[X] Abed and Fnatic may have parted ways.u/madibariddim
26AUGTeam Secret[✔️] Ace and Team Secret may have parted ways.u/madibariddim
26AUGOptic Gaming[✔️] UNiVeRsE may join the new Optic Gaming Reso team.u/madibariddim
25AUGOptic GamingOptic Gaming are looking to adopt the current VGJ.Storm roster.u/madibariddim
25AUGOptic Gaming[✔️] Current Optic Gaming roster may have disbanded.u/madibariddim
25AUGVGJ.Storm[✔️] SneyKing may have been kicked from VGJ.Stormu/madibariddim
25AUGTeam SecretMidOne, YapZor, Puppey, and Zai may be a part of the new Team Secret.u/madibariddim
23AUGAd FinemCo-owner of Ad Finem, Marios Papasarantos, says to keep an eye open for their Dota 2 team after TI.Ad Finem's Facebook (read the comments)
21AUGBraxstone[✔️] ROSTER: Mnz (Kotaro), Leostyle, Kingteka, StingeR, ACCELBraxstone's Facebook
13AUGLet's Do It[✔️] eL lisasH will no longer play in a 5-man Polish team. He is looking for offers from around the world.eL lisasH's Facebook
09AUGVirtus.pro[✔️] Virtus.pro extends Dota 2 line-up contracts to the end of 2019.Official Virtus.pro
25JULResurgence[✔️] ROSTER: Meracle, Chibi, Tudi, Poloson, BarryOfficial Resurgence
22JUNESPADA[✔️] Espada will stick together.Misha's VK

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#3 Re: RESHUFFLE: DRAMA: ROSTER CHANGE on Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:28 pm



Posts : 278

Officially Confirmed Rosters

♔ denotes team captain.

Team (coach)     1          2         3            4            5            Source       
Team AsterSylarDstonesXxsBobokaFenrirWykrhm's Twitter
DeathBringer GamingMsFreezeGuvaraLaNmHYMJophy's Twitter
EHOME (xiao8)Sea mewLunaiFaith_bianTianmingy'EHOME's Twitter
Team EverboboyCHencsjyoonaYpRegistered
IamPoint ClubS1umangmiyaKostrawberry我醒着做梦ddrVarena OQ
Invictus GamingghostEmo (HAlf)InJulydogf1ghtsOli/RedpandaIG Twitter
Invictus Gaming VitalityDustButterflyEffectLadamianmianLlennIG Twitter
Keen Gamingsss翟景凯old eLeVeNkakadarkKeen Gaming weibo
Mr Game BoyJiajiaFerrari_430aweneveXiNewbee's Twitter
NewbeeMoogyScccInflameCatYouFaithNewbee weibo
Newbee Young<blank>AqK D沉默寡言XiaoXiaoVarena OQ
PSG.LGD (QQQ)AmeSomnus丶MChalicefy ♔xNovaGodBlessMali's Twitter
RNG (mikasa)MonetSetsuSrfah fu343Adam's Twitter
Team RootNeverEndChosenoneYaoVictoria丶DDCTeam Root weibo [R]
Team SerenityzhizhizhiZydXinQPywXCJRegistered
ViCi GamingPaparaziOriYangFadeDyViCi Gaming Facebook
Team (coach)     1          2         3            4            5            Source       
DXNTRyujinaxmosonicL0lik_OFaceIt OQ
Team Empire (JotM)CoomanChappieMiposhkasayuwMadenOfficial Empire
Elements Pro Gaming (RealToxi)SwiftendingBoraNijaMitchdnzLeBronLeBron's Twitter
FDB EsportsnefritPikachuchshrctso badj4Registered
ferzeeDaxakAfoninjeAfterLifeKingrKaHTFaceIt OQ
HuskarLastPickNaiveQoshjvaaMYSmoonBignumrmNFaceIt OQ
InterstellardebilNeqromaneskillzsQreensorryFaceIt OQ
THE LAST WILD KINGDOMMoon (Moonlight)ScandalShikaka ♔WTSAccelRegistered
MEGA LADAArtmamdocbroxySOhYQtexmudakFaceIt OQ
Na'Vi (Mag)CrystallizeMagicaLBlizzyChuvashSoNNeikO ♔Na'vi Official
NemigaAstralYougGTheChosenOneFishmanZitraksFaceIt OQ
OdiumV-TuneGeneRaLGhostikLil ♔CemaTheSlayerOdium's Twitter
Team SpiritoliverNineHesteJoeBiverFngRegistered
TechnoparkFervianushushushXaKoHMariaachiKillomancerFaceIt OQ
underdogsSedoyteenage loveShachloVelheoryaFaceIt OQ
URUK-HIGHFunn1kLuftRunecTayiroveL_lisasHFaceIt OQ
Vega SquadronPalantimosStormC4tFlowW_ZayacyolOfficial Vega Squadron
Virtus.proRAMZES666No[o]ne9pashaRodjERSolo ♔Official Virtus.pro
Winstrike (Sh4dowehhh)SilentIcebergnongrataNofear ♔AWFWinstrike's Instagram
Team (coach)     1          2         3            4            5            Source       
AllianceqojqvamiCKeBoxiiNSaNiATaigaiNSaNiA Twitch
AnticoagulationHSSLNGJudicator1SenseLessssbpnpToleraFaceIT OQ
Burden UnitedArkmastermindpwNUnderShockComeWithMepwN's Twitter
BursasporrajjixGBamboeEGMEixnFaceIt OQ
eErinessstfuasdsSupreme_SaberlightsehnymufczFaceIt OQ
Evil corpMTDRyujinescOwnedMeeebaboonslayerFaceIt OQ
Fast and FurionDarkaRvPSnocryptoyatehFaceIt OQ
The Final TribeFrostChessieJonassomfanHandskenEra ♔TFT Twitter
HAPPYGUYSIllidanStrkzarBuugiAfrOmoushsyndereNFaceIt OQ
Light SidePosingAsMeKefalFuricanhArleqVIGOROUSFaceIt OQ
Team LithiumMadaraMage-KheZuMNTPeksuFaceIT OQ
Team Liquid (Heen)MATUMBAMANMiracle-MinD_ContRoLGhKuroKyLiquid Twitter
lvlUpg0g1kolegrizineSurovijaBuktopFaceIt OQ
MangoBayFeygarterbOne7qupeFlashFey's Twitter
MoriartykAANMVPInuy4sh4_BliNcciLLusionisTsuntnebunFaceIt OQ
MoriartyROAr1sE#Dropping melodicYellowflashbufniwDzZFaceIt OQ
mYinsanityV I IdavyFlublackik1raFaceIt OQ
PizzaSamPaiRnocidePoncherGIGADhanatosFaceIt OQ
Team Secret (Sunbhie)NishaMidOneZaiYapzOrPuppeySecret Twitter [R]
Shangri-LaAceFata33SaksaPPDPPD's Twitter
TatsuroVegeChedDaniReisenThomasFaceIt OQ
UNCHAINEDar3aW1shSlashStrikeCTOMAHEHSeleriFaceIt OQ
Yolo Knighthectorlibra REMOVEDMadkingzradekMasterRiskMasterRisk's Twitter
North America
Team (coach)     1          2         3            4            5            Source       
compLexity GamingSkemberluLimmpSneyKingZfreekEternalEnvycoL Official [R]
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