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DRAMA: The Sunrise Cup 2018 is a scam u/fetissimies

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@BurdenUnited wrote:Hello everyone, we've came across a situation to which we'd like to shed some light upon.

Today we were supposed to play an official game against Power Rangers in the Sunrise Cup 2018. We've heard some rumours about this tournament not being exactly legitimate in terms of paying the prizepools out and of it rather being a scam tournament made for fixing matches to profit off bets.

We tried to look into it but we couldn't confirm any of it, eitherway, we decided its shady enough for us to not want to be associated with it in any kind of way and its best for us to withdraw from the tournament.

We announced them that we were not going to continue playing in the tournament and it seemed okay, our manager wanted to help them out and gave the slot to another team so that they wouldn't end up not having a match played tonight as planned, which she did, but in the end the tournament admin forced the team to which we gave our slot, to create a team with our team name and tag, and play under it.

We never agreed upon this with them, never allowed it.

I urge all betting websites to cancel the bets from our game as we are not playing it and the admins forced a different team to play under our name and tag, which is misleading and unfair towards people that like to bet.

We apologize for the incovenience and I hope our decision is understandable.

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