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DISCUSSION: Guide to Beating Smurfs (and winning with them) u/Micro4thewin

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Here is your guide to beating smurfs from someone who has smurfed 1000+ games. Face it, a 2K account costs $15 and going 30-0 and winning 20 games in a row is more fun than tryharding at 5K. This game will always have smurfs.
  1. Look at profiles and identify smurfs IN THE PICKING PHASE. Most 2K players do not look at profiles until the smurf is 15-0 and the game is over. Any account with 3 or more levels up in the user feed (or various Meepo rampages) is probably a smurf. Any account with 5 or more levels up is 100% a smurf. Understand that these players win 80-90% so if you do your normal 2K thing you will almost certainly lose.
  2. Adopt a strategy of ruining the smurf's laning phase. You cannot let the smurf snowball. If the smurf gets some farm and identifies the two complete morons on your team he will kill them 20 times and you will lose.
  3. Try to pick after the smurf if possible. The smurf is probably showing mid and wanting to pick last so you may have to pick before him. Some smurfs, though, are so confident they will pick Meepo or Riki or whatever first phase and still expect to go 30-0.
  4. Depending upon his pick and likely lane, pick Skywrath, Undying, SB, BH, Batrider, Ogre, Ench, Jakiro, Lich, or something else that will ruin his laning phase. Smurfs generally pick heroes that are weaker laners but they still get lots of CS because of the skill disparity (e.g., Storm, Meepo, Alch, Ember, Slark, PL, etc.). Also, most smurfs get frustrated easily because they do not really care about winning and just want to go 30-0. If that is not possible because of your play, the smurf may check out, abandon, flame, intentionally feed, and so on.
  5. Do not let the smurf get any CS. For example, sit mid with Skywrath and force him back to base. Make the smurf buy wards and sentries. If your mid flames about EXP, mute him. Do not let the smurf get any runes. Smurfs want kill runes to snowball. Do not let him get any. Also, be very careful about leaving mid if you start there. Your mid is a 2K who is now 1-2 levels behind a 4K-6K so if you leave him without full health and vision he will probably feed despite that he is 10-30 CS ahead (and then most of your efforts are wasted).
  6. If the smurf leaves lane, ward the jungle and chase him. He will farm 1.5X faster than your teammates so even with a terrible start he will still outfarm them.
  7. Hope your 2K teammates carry you. They probably won't. With this strategy you might still only win 30% of your games against high-MMR smurfs, but that is better than winning 10% of them.

And some advice if you notice the smurf is on your team (which is true 44% of the time). Pick CM. That hero facilities smurfing more than anything else. Your smurf will then pick a mana-dependent hero and probably crush the game. If not CM, then pick BH, Treant, Undying, Lich, Warlock or something else that facilitates his early game and requires NO FARM (or with BH, gives him free gold). Never fight for lanes with your 5K smurf. Every camp is his. Every lane is his. Let him carry you.

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