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UPDATE: Dota 2 Update - MAIN CLIENT - September 13, 2018

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A new patch has been dispatched for the main client. More info will be edited in as I analyze the patch.

Analysis Status: Done


  • Dota Plus End of Summer Update. | link

Economy Updates

Music Pack

  • TheFatRat Warrior Songs Music pack is now available on the Dota 2 Store. | Cost: $4.99 USD | Wiki


  • New: Grimstroke Double Ink Swell Stuns. | Grimstroke has been removed from the default Double Stuns challenge.


  • Updated the currency exchange rates for a ton of currencies.

  • Fixed a particle snapshot issue with the Infernal Pactblade cosmetic.

  • Endless Nightmare Tail cosmetic has been renamed to Tail of Darkheart Pursuit.

  • Readded the Trove Carafe for Dmitry 'CrystalMay' Korchevinin.

  • A bunch of cosmetic fixes to some items for heroes Windranger, Visage, Riki and more.

  • Optimized a ton of particle systems for cosmetics and sync up with the changes made to the Source Engine in regards to the particle system recently.

UI Updates

Dota Plus Dashboard

  • Hero Relics tab now supports sorting by "Hero Level".

  • Dota Plus Battle Pass log now tracks Shard Purchase.

  • Dota Plus Battle Log now tracks the tips you have received.

  • Minor spacing fixes to some of the UI elements in the Dota Plus store tab.


  • The previous Battle Pass icons on your profiles now read "Lvl <number>" instead of just showing number as before.

  • Post Game now has a player tips tab to accommodate the changes made to Dota Plus.

  • Background has been changed from the TI8 theme to Default.


  • Made the Dota Plus tab the primary tab instead of TI8.

  • Added a new panel to advertise the 4 Games Bonus Weekend for Dota Plus.

  • Final Notification option added for Trove Carafe. | Sales end at the end of September

String Updates

Tooltip Updates

  • Fixed the missing tooltip for Kaya Recipe.

  • "Stored Bounty Runes replenish 2/3 charges." has been removed from the Bottle description.

UI Related

  • Tons of strings to support the new features of the Dota Plus update.

  • Fixed some typos and grammatical errors in Tips.

  • The round names of the Arcana Vote have been updated: Round of 32 now split in to two for Group A and Group B respectively. Round of 16 has been renamed to Sweet Sixteen.

Ability Updates

  • On the backend, updated a lot of data types for the ability numbers. For example: some slots have been changed to support only integers while the others have been changed to support floating numbers and etc.

  • Updated the end distance on Poison Touch from 500/500/500/500 to 600/700/800/900

Audio Updates

  • A bunch of response rule updates for Grimstroke.

  • Ambient mixer value when paused lowered from 0.5 to 0.25

  • VOIP volume value in the mixer lowered from 0.6 to 0.5

  • During Silenc effects, the mixer values have been updated so Music has a volume of 0.6 instead of 0.4

Workshop Updates

  • The Workshop Item Submission Tool now has a FarZ option for the Camera after you import your model.

Console Updates


  • dota_dump_game_items <cmd> | Print a list of all game items with their item ids in CSV format.

  • A few other Source Engine related console updates.


  • A couple of new files have been added to the files called echo_game.js (and an admin.css file that drives the visuals for the javascript) -- which seems to be retrieving draft data from a game and posting it. | Not sure where this is being utilized. Not yet.

Patch Size: 395.3 MB (with Tools)

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