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DISCUSSION: The team that beat TNC Tigers uses cheat by u/zdonfrank90

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Match ID: 4106714585

can confirm they have some next level script/exploit that detects obs placement

Lich smoked to plant wards on right of t1 radiant twr, and mirana pinged immediately. ES proceeded to deward.

2nd ward placed on dire ancient bottom. ES chilled and purchased sentry and walked directly there to deward after 1 min of it getting placed.

On 9min, he also dewarded both obs placed separately on dire t1 tower. and both mirana and ES pinged where the obs were placed.

In the whole match, ES dewarded every obs except the one placed at top dire bounty rune.

Match ID: 4106787919

First ward placed by 1437 on radiant bottom bounty, that one was clearly spotted by nyx. It was removed instantly.

2nd ward placed by ES to block dire small camp near t1. It was not spotted. However, Wraith king proceeded to ping immediately the exact location of ward placement @ 0:04 mark. they didn't deward it at all to avoid suspicions. They already knew there was a ward there.

On 5 min, ES placed ward for river vision near bottom radiant shrine. Wraith King pinged the exact location of obs after 20 sec. Nyx dewarded it later.

Dire t1 tower obs was also pinged by Wk (pink), and dewarded afterwards by nyx.

Obs placed on dire shrine at top, was also dewarded by nyx soon afterwards. No one pinged it this time, they just seemed to know on their minimap that the ward was placed there.

Soon in late game, they knew exactly where radiant has vision [all the obs], they didn't deward some to bait them to fight. They didnt appear to use other scripts except the exploit with obs placement. For instance, ES blinked and echo on QOP. If they did use other scripts like auto hex, QOP would have bloodthorned ES when he jumped in in split second.

Also, as 1437 said, they are like T2 team with their draft and playstyle. These T2 team have all the mechanical skills, however, with the vision hack they use, they can easily beat all top teams in the world.

Please ban these players even if their account is boosted. I hope that Valve do not overlook these even if their battlepass levels are high. With these vision hack I believe it is time to reconsider the viability of "Watch Friend Game Live" from Dota Plus.

What this implies is that there is literally map hack right now with obs placement hack. Low tier teams would have exploited these in all online qualifiers to gain significant competitive advantage. I strongly suggest Valve to remove "Watch Friend Match Live" temporarily until they can fix the loophole/exploit

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